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Basic Info
• Name:  Leah Cim
• Nickname:  Legacy
• Gender:  Male
• Race:  Human
• Occupation:  Vigilante
• Weaponry:  Tools hidden in fingers
o Left Pinky:  oil
o Left Ring:  short-range taser
o Left Middle:  Phillips head screwdriver
o Left Index:  welding torch
o Left Thumb:  socket wrench
o Right Thumb:  fingerprint hack
o Right Index:  pistol
o Right Middle:  flathead screwdriver
o Right Ring:  general hack tool
o Right Pinky:  lock pick

Fighting Style:  Leah has no formal combat training, but his perception of situations and quick thinking allow him to improvise his way through most hand-to-hand scuffles.  Of course, he prefers to ambush his opponents, giving him the necessary advantage.

Origin Story:  see story "Heaven's Legacy"

• Family:  Colonel Arthur Cim (father), Regina (mother), Sarah (younger sister), Matthew (younger brother)
• Friends:  Angie, Crowbar, Raphael
• Enemies:  anyone who crosses him
• Home:  New York City
• Affiliation:  Heaven's Legacy

Physical Description:
• Hair:  Cobalt Blue, Short (Three-Inches) and Combed Down, Clean-Shaven
• Eyes:  Black
• Complexion:  Slightly Pale
• Height:  6'0"
• Weight: 150lbs
• Distinguishing Marks:  Bionic Black Metal Hands with White Tips (Entire Last Digit)
• Clothing/Appearance:  Jean Jacket with Star-Studded Collar over a White Undershirt, Purple Tie (Regular), Black Pants, and Sneakers
• Personality:  He's rather serious most of the time and tends not to take jokes as jokes (unless he makes them).  When on a job, his no-nonsense attitude is even more rigid.  When working on dexterous projects or on a stakeout, he's even more tense and more apt to snap at mistakes.  However, his sense of justice and moments of compassion make him a worthy leader
• Skills:  covert skills, leadership, intelligence, mechanical ingenuity

• "Guess we won't know until I turn it on."  (before testing a new device)
Character sheet #1 for :icontbos-oct:

Origin Story: [link] OCT Story: [link]

Everything should be self-explanatory. If not, feel free to comment with your questions.

Artwork: :iconshy-ko:
Leah Cim: :iconpumpkinapprentice431: / :iconespionageentourage:
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