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Basic Info
•Name:  Raphael Ethan Perr
•Nickname:  Reaper
•Gender:  Male
•Race:  Human/Cyborg, Skeleton
•Occupation:  Vigilante
•Weaponry:  Construct "Angle" (Scythe-form)

Construct:  Angle—a basic square-angle metal cutout that may transform into any item primarily constructed with such an angle.

Fighting Style:  Raphael has no battle experience as of yet, but the strategy he has come up with for that particular situation mainly involves taking slashes at his opponent with his Construct scythe, keeping them at a distance while keeping his bones contained.

Origin Story:  Raphael was originally the only son and sole heir of a wealthy family living in the States, living the good life in the lap of luxury.  Everything he could have ever wanted was only a ring of a bell or a phone call away.

All of that changed when he got into a car accident that left him immobile but alive, albeit badly burned and disfigured.  Desperate to have their son fixed (lest he become a blemish on them), his parents submitted him to the care of Future Pharmaceuticals.  There, only his skeleton, heart, brain, and some aspect of his nervous system were still intact enough to salvage.  Everything else had to be removed.

The resulting surgery left Raphael little more than a skeleton still alive within his skull.  The FP scientists were fortunate to make such an acquisition in order to forward their Skeleton Child Project.  By harnessing the electrical impulses given off by his nervous system and channeling those signals into magnetic impulses, his skeleton could move on his command (once the magnets were properly drilled into his bones, of course).  To keep his brain functioning, his lungs were replaced by oxygen purification tanks that served the additional purpose of keeping his heart contained and safe.

By the time the procedure had ended and Raphael was once again conscious, he learned that his parents had abandoned him for a new heir they had "produced".  He had essentially been sold!  His fate was completely in the hands of the scientists who were only concerned about themselves and their progress.  Day after day, week after week he sat in the cold basement, brooding over the betrayal he had been dealt and the harsh conditions he was forced to endure.  He would have his revenge on them, all of them.

•Family:  He has forgotten his traitorous parents
•Friends:  Leah, Angie, Crowbar
•Enemies:  the Scientists of Future Pharmaceuticals
•Home:  New York City
•Affiliation:  Heaven's Legacy

Physical Description:
•Hair:  N/A
•Eyes:  Red
•Complexion:  N/A
•Height:  5'4"
•Weight: 40lbs
•Distinguishing Marks:  Completely Skeletal, Two "Oxygen Tanks" in Ribcage (Stasis for His Brain)
•Clothing/Appearance:  Tattered Black Robe (no shoes)
•Personality:  Having spent some time in the custody of Future Pharmaceuticals, he is a bit sharp-tongued, somber, and stern.  Even with his three new allies he doesn't share complete trust and relies on his own efforts most of the time.  Given his handicap and the training he endured under the science-over-compassion-minded "pharmacists", this is understandable.
•Skills:  ability to separate his bones and rejoin them painlessly, skill with a scythe
Character sheet #4 for :icontbos-oct:

Origin/OCT Story: [link]

Everything should be self-explanatory. If not, feel free to comment with your questions.

Artwork: :iconshy-ko:
Leah Cim: :iconpumpkinapprentice431: / :iconespionageentourage:
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