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Basic Info
• Name:  N/A
• Nickname:  Crowbar
• Gender:  Male
• Race:  Human
• Occupation:  Vigilante, Informant, Muscle
• Weaponry:  "Relieved" Laser Pistols, Experimental Transforming Alloy

Fighting Style:  Crowbar was raised in the streets and has therefore grown up street fighting.  Mainly going with his fists and improvised weapons in a pinch, when given the opportunity to prepare himself he commands the alloy he "commandeered" into a chain, a sword, brass knuckles, or a pipe.  Anything goes in terms of style when he enters the ring.

Origin Story:  see story "Opportunity"

• Family:  N/A
• Friends:  Leah, Angie, Raphael
• Enemies:  Too many to keep track of
• Home:  New York City
• Affiliation:  Heaven's Legacy

Physical Description:
• Hair:  Black, Short (Half-Inch) Conrows, Slight Scruff
• Eyes:  Brown
• Complexion:  Dark (African-American)
• Height:  5'10"
• Weight: 160lbs
• Distinguishing Marks:  Muscular
• Clothing/Appearance:  Black Leather Jacket and Jeans
• Personality:  Laid back and sarcastic, he's prone to jokes (which grates on Leah's nerves).  Even with all of the jokes, he means well and isn't intentionally nasty with his friends; he just likes to relieve the tension that often follows Leah.  Despite not having no formal education of any sort, he's smart enough to know what will benefit him and what won't.
• Skills:  excellent hacker, well-versed in "disreputable" activities, excellent street fighter
Character sheet #3 for :icontbos-oct:

Origin Story: [link] OCT Story: [link]

Everything should be self-explanatory. If not, feel free to comment with your questions.

Artwork: :iconshy-ko:
Leah Cim: :iconpumpkinapprentice431: / :iconespionageentourage:
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May 18, 2011
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